Looking for another wealth management firm?


Then keep on searching. This isn't the place for you.


Founded in 2017 by a former cog of the financial industrial complex deep within the prairieland of Canada in Edmonton, Alberta, Pinnacle Financial shifts the focus to growing our client's bottom line and away from piling wealth up for the banks.

That's right. Wealth management and bank advice are what the other guys do. They're stale and boring systems.


Pinnacle Financial partners with our clients to empower them with financial advice and literacy, coupled with outside-the-box strategies to concentrate on the growth of our clients' wealth - today, tomorrow and to the next generations.

"If you are not willing to risk the usual,
you will have to settle for the ordinary."

Jim Rohn


There's a catch, though.

Of course, always with the catch.

But this is a catch unlike any other you've ever seen before.

The big wealth management firms care only about managing wealth for the ultra high net worth among us, those with tens of millions of dollars to invest. And banks care only about selling.

None of those qualifiers matter at Pinnacle Financial. What's our minimum requirement? It's simple and yet counter to financial industrial complex "standards".


We work with people with the drive to always being better and to always be growing. That's it. Regardless of where life currently finds them, our clients are playing their infinite game of reaching their own pinnacle.

Oh, and one more thing. To us at Pinnacle Financial, wealth is more than just the number of zeros in one's net financial worth. It's about opening up boundless opportunities for our clients, our global community and our own family so we can all have a pinnacle shot at maximizing this one life we're each blessed to be living.

So remember, if you're looking for the same old toothless ideas, visit your local bank branch. Or there's the old boys' club at the wealth management conglomerates; just don't forget to bring at least six zeros with you.

Otherwise, if you're looking for a partner to help you not just manage your wealth but build it and forge new opportunities for yourself, let's get talking.

"No one can possibly achieve any real
or lasting success or 'get rich'
in business by being a conformist."

J. Paul Getty

Learn about our expertise, what others are saying about us and how to take the next step in your new financial journey, your "Pinnacle Journey", if you will.


“I chose Adrian as a financial adviser because of his knowledge and experience. He is trustworthy, communicates well and understands my
financial needs. He always has my financial
well-being upfront."


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Wealth is a touchy subject, and along with topics such as politics and religion, is to be avoided in social settings at all costs.

Thankfully, Pinnacle Financial isn't a social setting, although we like to kick things off with a relaxed, confidential and productive conversation about you and your money. It's free with no obligations, and, dare we say, maybe even professionally friendly.


By the end of our first session, all your questions will be answered and you will be left with plenty of things to think about.


And did we mention this session will cost you nothing? We will meet with you in person or virtually and will even bring the coffee (or tea).


Why do we do this? Because we believe it is important to provide an objective financial sounding board in a comfortable setting.


Stop risking your financial future using conventional banks and wealth managers. Start building your wealth rather than just managing it. Take control of your prosperity for a better today, tomorrow and generations to come.


Don't waste another moment. Send us a note and Get Started!


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