We've all heard the expression, "when it rains, it pours". It's why many people carry umbrellas, especially on days when rain is in the weather forecast.

There are no forecasts for life's unexpected and journey deviating events. You can't wake up in the morning and open your "daily surprises" forecast app to determine whether or not you will need to carry insurance for the day or not.

And, unfortunately, thanks to many industry antics of years gone by, for many people, the very word "insurance" has become a dirty 9-letter word. The mere mention of it can cause reactions ranging from a glazed over look in one's eyes to full out "dash-for-the-door" panic. But it's only fear of the unknown that sparks such responses.

Rainy Day

Such need not be the case. Deployed using appropriate intentions, insurance can play a crucial and significant role in achieving certain financial objectives for you and your family.

But instead of using the word "insurance", we prefer to call it the transfer of your financial risk.

What day you were gone? Death came sooner than anticipated. Will your family struggle financially? Will your children be well taken care of? Or left at the doors of an orphanage?

What day you could no longer provide for your family's ability to make ends meet, all thanks to a temporary or permanent injury? Will you be able to look in your spouse's or children's eyes to explain the dwindling food supply?

What day your doctor calls you with news of a life-threatening illness? Would it not help your family's stress if the prospect of a looming family financial catastrophe was avoided? Would you prefer to having to choose between your life and your children's education or your spouse's retirement?

What if...your dream of building a lasting legacy for your family or community isn't fulfilled after all those years of hard work?

Rock Balancing

It's such worries that inspire Pinnacle Financial take a non-aggressive approach to help ease these financial worries on your mind.


Let's get to work transferring your financial risks so you can rest sounder. No pressure. No rip off. Just objective solutions. 


It all starts with that first Kitchen Table Session so click here to provide some details to reach your financial peace of mind.