The unfortunate but glaring truth is that a majority of Canadians lack sufficient financial knowledge to navigate their wealth through life.

Is it much of a surprise though, when there is little to no financial education provided throughout our schooling years? By age 18, we're tested about trigonometric theories and Shakespearean prose and yet very few students enter adulthood knowing what RRSP or TFSA stand for, let alone how to use them.

And then we wonder why so many public and private coffers are in such disarray.

Regrettably, today's modern banking and financial system also does little to relieve the cavernous gap between those in the know and those not.

Knowledge and understanding is a vital component of building financial wealth. So while Pinnacle Financial is here to guide and advise you along your wealth's journey, we appreciate that some people prefer learning certain topics on their own, discreetly or on their own pace.

It's why we are building this treasure trove of financial information - our Pinnacle Vault.


As with any growing trove of information, the Pinnacle Vault is a not static, set in stone repository. So bookmark this page and return to it regularly as your source of financial intelligence and insights.

Of course, if you find an area where the vault if lacking, please feel free to contact us and make a suggestion.