Do you have anyone in your life you trust with your money?

Today's modern banking and financial system is tricky and overwhelming for many people. It's why having someone who understands it all looking out for your interests is more important than ever.


This is especially true if the mere idea of "dealing with your finances" sets you into panic mode.

Let's face it. Every time you visit the bank to talk to your "banker", the last person you talked to is now gone so now you have to start at square one with the new "banker". All the while, you get the sense he's not truly listening to you and instead trying to solve your concerns with the bank's "flavor of the month".

Granted, if you have over $250,000 to invest, you might even have a "wealth advisor" at one of the ivory tower wealth management firms. But unless you've invested $5 million or more there, you're unlikely to hear much from them. And when you do connect, it's a quick chat about the latest market sentiment. But what about your concerns about your financial future? Perhaps you're worried about outliving your investments so why won't your "wealth advisor" acknowledge and advise you accordingly?

Stressed Man

Of course, it would be easiest if you could just pick up the phone and call your son/mother/uncle/aunt or whomever to give you the guidance you crave. Then again, there might also be the "don't talk about money with your family" dynamic.

Having exhausted all of your options, you're back to where you started. A growing list of questions but no respectable answers. So you tuck away your financial folder, hoping never to see it again, hoping everything will just "turns out".


With a Pinnacle Financial Personal Financial Confidant at your side, it's like adopting a financial coach, a financial advocate, a financial planner and a financial guide all in one person. It's the person with the financial expertise you wish you had in your own family. And, quite frankly, it's what a true "Financial Adviser" was meant to be before being turned into a salesperson role.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Stressed about being financially disorganized at home?Your Financial Confidant is there to set your money house in order.

Need someone to turn to for objective yet simple and common sense advice? Your Financial Confidant has you covered.

Can't sleep at night because your mind is racing about all of your financial woes and can't get focused to tackle them efficiently and with confidence? That's what your Financial Confidant is there for.

Wish your existing "adviser" would stop focusing on retirement and help set you up for lifetimes of financial success for your family? Your Financial Confidant is there every step of the way.

It's time to stop wasting time searching for answers high and low. It's time to engage a Financial Confidant to get you financially organized, focused and empowered so that you can stop stressing about your finances and start enjoying other aspects of life.

Let's have a coffee and see how Pinnacle Financial can help you. It all starts with your free Kitchen Table Session. Click here to send your details to lift your financial stress today.